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  1. fix header/invisible text that left a blank space
  2. Adjust for mobile
  3. There are some layout issues when dealing with phone screens that are advertised as 340px, so I'll attempt to work on that when I can. --Ronelm2000 (talk)
  4. maybe add a logo or some stuff


  • Is there some reason we're translating エトワリア as Etoilia in the event descriptions? Is it okay if I change it to the direct romanization Etowaria? -jeepracer98
    • I actually prefer the direct romanisation too, but we'll also need to see what the others think. (- Mann -)
    • Reasoning for Etoilia can be found in A-zu-ra's list of terms. As for me, it's good enough to prefer it over romanization. --Drftgy (talk) 11:46, 11 September 2018 (UTC)
    • Because that's what the name means
    • That's actually pretty cool, sounds good. -jeepracer98
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