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This page is for any kinds of translations related to Kirara Fantasia.


Main StoryEdit

Event QuestsEdit

Current Event: Re-Run・Outclub, the Northern Mountain and the First CampEdit


Main ScenarioEdit

Introductory Scenario





Rin's Campsite

Dark Caverns


Outclub Campsite

Re-run Commemoration: Extra ScenarioEdit

Previous EventsEdit

These are the events that is now offline and no longer playable in Kirara Fantasia. However, if you’ve done the stories, they can still be watched in the Library. They're arranged according to release date, From earliest release to the most recent one.

Click the images to enter the corresponding event translation page.

Event Translation Status
Santa Claus of Etoilia
30% translated
Kiniro New Year!
0% translated
Stile Second Shop Open!
100% translated
Mushroom Baby
Translation in Progress
Chocolate Quest
Translation in Progress
The Eater of the Blacksmith's Dream
0% translated
Hinamatsuri Festival
Translation in Progress
Nenechi Quest
To be imported
Fairies Trick
4% translated
The Friends of My Friends Are Also My Friends
0% translated
Outclub, the Northern Mountain and the First Camp
100% translated
Etowaria's Diva
0% translated
Remember Yosakoi
0% translated
First Issue! Comic Etowaria
0% translated
Kurumi in Wonderland
0% translated
K-ON! Etowaria Live!!
0% translated
Beach Hut of the Year
100% translated
Treasure Chest at the Bottom of the Sea
100% translated
Mysterious Island and Trial of Bonds
100% translated
Great Detective Coronet and The Tragedy of Yuu
100% translated
Miyako and the Cats' Song
100% translated
Re-Run・Stile Second Shop Open!
100% translated
Hibari, Rii-san and the Flower of Happiness
100% translated
Is the Order a Rabbit in a Different World?
100% translated
Yell for All
100% translated
Etoilia's Black Christmas
33% translated
Crea Mates Big Meeting! New Year Sugoroku Tournament
42% translated

Character Scenarios TranslationEdit

Character ScenariosEdit

Memorial Quest (*5 Only)Edit

Interface TranslationsEdit

Interface translations go here.

Sound, Battle, Room, and Voice Settings

Miscellaneous TranslationsEdit

Miscellaneous translations go here.

Common TermsEdit

This section contains translations to common terms in the game for easy reference.

For a more detailed list on common (mainly story related) terminology in the Kirara Fantasia universe you can visit this page.


Icon Japanese English
せんし Warrior
まほうつかい Mage
そうりょ Priest
ナイト Knight
アルケミスト Alchemist


Icon Japanese English


Icon Japanese English
ひだまりスケッチ Hidamari Sketch
ゆゆ式 Yuyushiki
Aチャンネル A-Channel
きんいろモザイク Kiniro Mosaic
がっこうぐらし! Gakkou Gurashi!
ステラのまほう Stella no Mahou
うらら迷路帖 Urara Meirochou
キルミーベイベー Kill Me Baby
桜Trick Sakura Trick
ブレンド・S Blend-S
夢喰いメリー Yumekui Merry
スロウスタート Slow Start
ゆるキャン△ Yuru Camp
ハナヤマタ Hanayamata
こみっくがーるず Comic Girls
あんハピ♪ Anne Happy
けいおん! K-ON!
はるかなレシーブ Harukana Receive
ご注文はうさぎですか? Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?
アニマエール! Anima Yell!
きららファンタジア Kirara Fantasia

(WIP) Translations to be Imported to the WikiEdit

Name/Content Author/Source
Nene quest event translation u/KKohaku21